Community Supported Agriculture

basket of produceA typical CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)program is a type of “cooperative,” where a consumer financially commits to a full season of produce months in advance of the start of the growing season. At the Old School Produce Company we have a modified CSA (we call it Box A Week) where the member still commits to a full season of produce but has a choice of paying one month in advance  or for the entire season. Members who pay for the entire season in advance also receive a discount card good for 10% off any additional purchases made throughout the season.  Since the nutritional value of produce declines significantly while on supermarket shelves or waiting for a Farmer’s Market day, our pick up days will be staggered so as a member you will enjoy the freshest, most nutritious produce available – harvested daily for you and your family.

Our Box A Week  provides us with several practical advantages including the ability to plan for a specific weekly amount of produce and also allows us to focus on actually growing crops during the growing season instead of fretting over sales and delivery schedules while our  members  have the opportunity to try a variety of fresh, wholesome produce on a regular basis. Each week we offer recipes and helpful hints to for some of the not so common items as well as some interesting modifications to the good old staples that grandma grew in her garden. The “Next Week’s Harvest” page gives a preview of the varieties that may be included in the next week’s box to help in menu planning.  


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